TDVision Systems Announces Allowance of New Patents Application

TDVision Systems announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a Notice of Allowance for TDVision’s United States patent application directed to methods of generating three-dimensional images within a video game.

The patent application is U.S. Application No. 11/471,280 filed June 16, 2006 titled “3D Videogame System” and relates to earlier patent applications filed in 2002 and 2003. The newly allowed claims cover methods and systems for displaying three-dimensional images in a videogame that supports dynamically changing the stereoscopic settings based on a gamer’s object of interest.

The key feature of this patent is the dynamic stereoscopic convergence in video gaming. This method emulates the way the human eye perceives images in real life. When implemented on the videogame, it reduces side effects and enables a more enjoyable gaming experience. In real life, our eyes converge dynamically, depending on the object of interest. This is the same effect that occurs with the TDVirtualCam.

The TDVirtualCam can be implemented with DirectX, OpenGL filters, and at the Game Engine, Driver Level and the GPU level. This provides the videogame publishers and hardware manufacturers the flexible implementation required to achieve massive adoption. Currently, this method has already been adopted with some videogame titles.

Upon issuance, TDVision will begin licensing this technology under the brand name “TDVirtualCam” to game developers and others with an interest in stereoscopic gaming.

Source: BusinessWire