TDVision and CyberLink Announce Full HD Stereoscopic Decoding Solution

TDVision Systems and CyberLink will showcase their full HD 3D solutions at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CyberLink's PowerDVD video player software, integrated with TDVision's 2D+Delta decoding technology, delivers full HD 3D video decoding capabilities. TDVision is the world's leading innovator in Full HD 3D (1920x1080 per-view) video encoding and decoding sector and was recently honored as the 3D Innovator of the Year by IMS research.

The 2D+Delta Format, invented and patented by TDVision Systems, makes use of redundancies between the left and right stereoscopic views. This is accomplished by encoding a full resolution 2D view and only the Delta Difference information between the left and the right views. This difference is stored into the video stream in a format that updated decoders and 3D displays can play out in any 3D format at the highest quality possible while legacy 2D televisions and decoders play the stream in 2D, making the system fully backward compatible and display agnostic.

The 2D+Delta format is also known as TDVCodec and is a key part of the "Multiview Video Coding" (MVC) codec (ISO-MPEG-14496-10:2008, Amendment 1), an extension to the ITU-T H.264 Advanced Video Coding (AVC) recently adopted by the Blu-ray Disc Association as the "Blu-ray 3D" specification.

Source: TDVision Systems