Real Scope Selected as a Korea’s First 3D Camera System Provider

Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) announced that they finally selected Real Scope, Korea Digital Communications' subsidiary corporation (KDC), as a Korea's first 3D camera system (Rig) provider. The 3D camera system, especially, has been developed for the first time in Korea in terms of new types of camera arrangement that cross meet at right angles. With having this, users will be able to use a lot of upgraded functions including approach shooting, putting lenses on or off and large camera equipping for making movies.

"As you know, 3D broadcasting will be on the air starting in 2010 and will be given big time attention to 3D TV and its exclusive camera systems. That's why Real Scope is trying its best to develop higher quality 3D camera systems by cooperation with KDC and iStation." said Lee Jae-kwan, CEO of Real Scope.

By Yeon Choul-woong, Korea IT Times