Quartics and DDD to Demonstrate a Stunning 3D Experience

Quartics and DDD Group are collaborating to bring the most compelling and cost effective 3D technology yet to HD TVs and Netbooks by optimizing the Quartics’ Qvu Video Processor with DDD’s TriDef 3D software technology. The combined Qvu and TriDef solution will automatically convert traditional 2D content into a rich, immersive 3D environment that is ideal for cost sensitive consumer devices.

The combined solution is compatible with virtually any 3D display technology including passive polarized and active shutter glasses. It supports the decoding of a wide variety of original 3D content formats including those used in Blu-ray and broadcast 3D applications. Devices equipped with the Qvu 3D features can automatically convert any existing 2D HD content to 3D from Blu-Ray, social media sites, games consoles and more.

Qvu is a programmable SoC solution that provides a “Beyond HD” level of video quality surpassing even that of high definition. Qvu consumes a minimal amount of power and thus significantly improves battery life and viewing time, while offering a single platform that can be repurposed for use in multiple applications to handle all HD video processing tasks in a consumer electronics device. Qvu is ideal for Netbooks, Laptops, IP Set-Top Boxes and HD TVs.

Source: PR Inside