Odeon's 3D Race for Olympics

Cinema giant Odeon hopes to strike gold by screening the London 2012 Olympics in 3D. Bosses are in talks with the BBC to relay the action to cinemas around the country. Sports fans will get special glasses to watch stars such as Usain Bolt in action.

Odeon boss Rupert Gavin told Your Money: "We're also working on showing everything from concerts to boxing matches in 3D." It follows the booming success of 3D films - despite tickets being more expensive.

Gavin revealed his firm's 3D takings could top £29million this year, with Ice Age 3 and Up among the big hits. Odeon, which has 3D projectors in 80 of its 110 UK cinemas, hopes to screen next year's World Cup finals in 2D.

By Clinton Manning, The Daily Mirror