3D Stereoscopic Content MEDIAPRO’s Investment for the Future

MEDIAPRO has taken the decision to make 3D content production one of the pillars of its future business strategy, investigating its application in a whole range of different contexts. MEDIAPRO Research, the MEDIAPRO R+D unit has recently carried out a series of tests during televised football matches and include stereoscopic recording of games in situ as well as the projection of the content in cinemas. For the current football season, MEDIAPRO Research has planned a series of tests which involve all the participating elements in the process from production through to the broadcast of live events.

The broadcast of live TV events using the 3D stereoscopic system will require the modification of a whole range of technical and artistic procedures used up to now. MEDIAPRO Research is leading the team in the MEDIAPRO group and is making significant strides in the creation of this type of content. Until now all the stereoscopic production experiences and live broadcasts around the world have been carried out in test format and a standardization protocol has yet to be established and several challenges have yet to be resolved. MEDIAPRO Research is working together with both American and European audiovisual companies towards technical solutions which will move the technology forward.

Sergi Sagás, technical head of the MEDIAPRO Research unit, highlights that the implementation of 3D live broadcasts “will oblige technical units to modify not only the mobile units and the TV cameras but also their physical location, their use and the broadcast production itself into a new visual language”. MEDIAPRO Research coordinates and integrates all the production processes involved in this new format. To this end, all the tests programmed for the current football season will be carried out with the participation of all the parties involved in the production chain. In technical terms MEDIAPRO Research is investigating solutions to some of the problems of stereoscopic camera calibration and convergence adjustments.

MEDIAPRO Research was created in 2007 and is made up of 15 researchers (graduates, engineers and Ph.D graduates) in a variety of different lines of research linked to the production and broadcast of audiovisual content. Since March 2008 it has taken part in the Europe wide 2020 3D Media research project focused on the development, integration and broadcast of stereoscopic and advanced immersive technologies.

Source: Mediapro