Disney: 'We Want to Lead in 3D on TV'

Disney’s international distribution arm is looking forward enthusiastically to creating a new window for 3D releases onto TV screens. Stephen Moore, EVP and MD for Disney’s EMEA distribution arm, says they are already having dialogue with key broadcasters about 3D.

Asked whether 3D meant another distribution window, Moore said that he and his colleagues were involved in many discussions on the potential impact of 3D in terms of TV broadcasting. “Sky have made their announcement regarding a 3D channel next year, and our conversations are focusing on the different experience that 3D offers. We acknowledge on everything that we have learned from high-definition that these new concepts take time [to bed in].”

“For some [broadcasters] HDTV is already old hat but from our point of view it has a long way to go. We don’t yet fully understand what the cost model is going to be, but we are examining all those aspects right now. What we do know is that consumer response, at least from the theatrical side of the business, is spectacular and 100% positive. We feel intuitively that the same opportunity exists on TV as exists in theatres. We want to be ahead and a leader in terms of 3D on TV. 3D, and family entertainment fits right into our target demographic.”

Chris Forrester RapidTV News