AU Optronics Exhibits 8" to 65" Glasses-free 3D Display Panels

With its great advancement in 3D display technologies, AU Optronics (AUO) will showcase a series of 3D display technologies ranging from 8" to 65" at the FPD International. AUO's breakthrough 3D display technology, which does not require special glasses, has introduced technical innovations, for the barrier as well as the lenticular type. As glasses-free 3D displays need an increased number of viewing angles, AUO has leveraged the higher resolution panels and revolutionary pixel arrangement designs so that the audience can appreciate the higher resolution.

AUO's 65" QFHD 2D/3D mixed mode Display uses a lenticular lens. With a 2D/3D switch, 3D images can be perceived in 3D mode while 2D images can be perceived in 2D mode. Providing lifelike 3D images and a clear text display, the product will be the ideal choice for public information display applications for commercial advertisements.

The 46" Real-time Scenario Lenticular 3D Display has eight views. A real-time multi-view system captures simultaneous images of objects from different angles. This image data is re-arranged by AUO's self-developing image process circuit to provide the correct content for the 3D display. This technology can be applied when broadcasting sports contests for presenting vivid, real-time images.

Source: AU Optronics