T-VIPS Sets Sights on 3D TV

Video distribution outfit T-VIPS used IBC to demonstrate its deployment-ready 3D high-definition video transport solutions. Its demonstration saw 3D content compressed in JPEG2000 format using T-VIPS’ JPEG2000 gateways, before being transported over an IP link and decoded by a separate T-VIPS video gateway and viewed on a 3D display. Video gateways include the next-generation TVG450, launched at IBC.

Helge Stephansen, CTO of T-VIPS, said: “3D really is just around the corner and we’re going to play a part in the roll-out of this exciting new technology. Not only will 3D be important, but it’s also becoming a major differentiator in the cinema business, where our pioneering lead in video transport utilising digital cinema’s native codec JPEG2000, provides us with a natural advantage,” says Helge Stephansen, CTO, T-VIPS. “The demonstration of our JPEG2000-based video transport solutions shows the marketplace that the video transport pieces of the 3D jigsaw are available now and ready to move 3D from the lab bench to commercial reality.”

By Rose Major, Rapid TV News