JVC Turns 2D to 3D

JVC is garnering a lot of interest on its stand by showing a prototype 2D-3D converter that permits on the fly conversion of live HD broadcasts to 3D. The 1U rack-mountable box, dubbed the DM-TD10, contains a proprietary algorithm which calculates a 3D image from focus, colour depth and moving image information in the HD signal.

The product can be used to convert HD signals in realtime to 3D and for converting existing 2D material into stereo without costly or time-consuming post production. When used together with a 3D studio monitor, such as JVC's 24-inch LCD, it also allows realtime 3D monitoring.

"Everybody is focusing on making 3D," said Gustav Emrich, product manager. "Broadcasters, advertisers, museums, entertainment parks all have 2D archives they are looking to version for 3D without any production issues. If this were a product today we'd be selling dozens off the stand."

The device is expected to launch next March.

By Adrian Pennington, IBC e-Daily