Future is TV-Shaped, says Intel

Speaking at Intel's Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, Justin Rattner, Intel's chief technology officer, also took time to highlight another technology gaining ground - 3D TV. "It seems like there is an announcement every week on 3D," he told the audience.

He said he planned to use a high-definition TV during his presentation but changed his mind when he heard about a Silicon Valley start up called HDI. HDI claimed a world first with the launch of its 100in (2.5m) 3D laser set in early September.

Intel CTO Justin Rattner's speech involved a live 3-D broadcast

To drive home the point about 3D, Mr Rattner's presentation incorporated a live 3D broadcast. While he was inside the auditorium, Mr Rattner spoke to a 3D projected version of Howard Postley, technology boss of 3ality Digital, who was outside in the hallway.

The two men talked about a new high-speed optical technology from Intel codenamed Light Peak aimed at speeding and simplifying the complexity and cost of digital downloads. The conference was told that 50 copper-based cables on the set of a 3D shoot today may one day be replaced with a single optical cable that can use Light Peak technology. Intel hopes to start shipping Light Peak in 2010.

By Maggie Shiels, BBC News