Eutelsat Supportive of 3D Standards

Eutelsat Communications has given its backing to the emerging standards surrounding the broadcast of 3D television in Europe. Demonstrating its capability over the Eurobird 9A satellite (9 degrees East), Walter Munarini of Eutelsat subsidiary Open Sky said the operator’s chosen system was capable of running on an existing HD receiver, through a new 3D compatible television display.

“We know standards always look for the perfect view, but we are deeply involved in the standards that allows us to roll it out now.” Munarini told the assembled press. “Hopefully the standard will then come with something that is backwards compatible with what we have now.”

The Eutelsat system is at its most basic level in line with the 3D technology developed by BSkyB, which puts the emphasis on the purchase of a new 3D display – at an estimated cost in 2010 of €2,000 – as opposed to a new set-top receiver.

By Julian Clover, Broadband TV News