The Patent Covering SENSIO 3D Technology is Issued by the USPTO

SENSIO Technologies Inc., inventor of the SENSIO 3D technology, announced that it has obtained its U.S. patent number (#7,580,463). This is the final step confirming that SENSIO’s technology is now patented in the American market. Following the delays encountered with regard to issuance of the patent, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is granting an extension of 600 days so that the patent will be valid for a longer period. The patent will be valid starting from the date of filing of the patent application, which was in 2003, and will remain valid for twenty years not including the extension period.

The patent obtained by SENSIO covers more than just the SENSIO 3D technology. It gives SENSIO exclusive operating rights over its whole method of compression, decompression, formatting and playback of stereoscopic content for various 2D and 3D screens, and applies to the markets for home theater, professional movie theaters, personal computing and mobile telephony.

“Our intellectual property is at the heart of our licensing strategy, so this patent is a major tool that will greatly facilitate the implementation of that strategy. Also, due to the scope of our patent, it enables us to explore new application development possibilities in order to make our intellectual property respected in various markets”, says Nicholas Routhier, President and Chief Executive Officer of SENSIO.

Source: SENSIO Technologies