Nordic Digital Alliance Merges with IntelliNet

Digital-cinema service provider Nordic Digital Alliance (NDA) and digital-cinema advertising service provider IntelliNet agreed to merge to jointly offer a fully comprehensive package of digital-cinema deployment, content-management software and digital-delivery services for exhibitors, distributors and advertising companies in Scandinavia and beyond.

With Arts Alliance Media (AAM) as a leading shareholder and integrated technology provider, the combined group will be more capable of meeting pan-European demand. With the merger the Nordic Digital Alliance and Arts Alliance Media group now serves more than 1,000 screens across France, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Oscar Hovland, IntelliNet’s chief communications officer, will become managing director of the combined entity, which will retain the name Nordic Digital Alliance. Former NDA managing director Jan-Robert Jore was appointed chairman of NDA.

Software development teams at Arts Alliance Media and IntelliNet are working together to integrate IntelliNet’s advertising Campaign Distribution Engine (CDE) into AAM’s digital-cinema Theatre Management System (TMS). The final result will be an end-to-end solution that enables exhibitors to receive and schedule pre-show ads, trailers and feature films on their digital-cinema projectors.

“Over the past few years our commercial collaboration and mutual admiration have resulted in us joining forces today. Our six years working with digital advertising solutions and NDA’s comparable endeavors in digital-cinema services are compatible and strengthen both parties. We are excited about the prospects of working closer with Arts Alliance Media in expanding our reach across Europe,” NDA’s Hovland stated.

Source: FilmJournal