Doremi: The 4K Server Perspective

How well-positioned is Doremi for the coming wave of 4K projectors?
Doremi is the best-positioned server manufacturer in digital cinema. We have a commercially available 4K server today. We only need to repackage our technology into an Internal Media Block (IMB) for the DLP 4K projectors. We also have a patent pending for the 4K decoding scheme.

What modifications, if any, are you making to your current line of servers?
We will modify a DCP-2000 server to become the ShowVault. The ShowVault will be an external server which will house the content storage and Doremi Cinelister software for show control.

What kind of co-existence do you predict for 2K and 4K?
We feel the majority of screens will still be 2K. However, Doremi is the only server manufacturer today which can offer 2K or 4K for DLP projectors to the exhibitor. This allows the exhibitor to stay with one server technology for the entire multiplex if they start with 2K and move to 4K on some screens. This is very valuable for the exhibitor.

What kinds of locations are best suited for 4K?
I'll leave this one for the projector manufacturers to argue.

How do you see the digital rollout proceeding over the next 12 months?
We have seen 95% of our sales in 2009 going toward 3D installations. The sales have followed the various territories globally as tentpole 3D features get released. Indications are that funding will come soon in the U.S. to begin major deployments. This should allow 2010 to start off strong.

How supportive is today’s exhibition community of the digital transition?
Exhibitors are seeing huge benefits from installing 3D digital screens. As with most technological advancements in cinema, it all depends on content. The 3D pipeline is long enough to support the 3D screens for several years. Alternative content is also the key in many regions to help offset the exhibitor’s investment. However, without funding to help subsidize the rollouts, installations will be limited.

Interview with Michael Archer, VP Digital Cinema Doremi Labs, FilmJournal