SAT Expo Europe, 3D and HD via Satellite

During Sat Expo Europe 2009 (Rome, 19-21 March) there will be exclusive three-dimensional live stereoscopic satellite transmissions to demonstrate the most important technological sector revolution after colour films and television. Thanks to the satellite technology of Eutelsat, those present at the event can have a preview of the exclusive realisation of a live 3D-HD event both in the cinema and on special televisions.

Sat Expo Europe is an event dedicated to satellite applications and technology. Special attention will be given to the broadcasting sector, and the novelty of this year will be the cinema and TV transmission of live events in 3D stereo and High Definition. At the Exhibition it will be possible to take part in the 3D-HD stereo shooting of a musical group that will perform on a set created specially for the occasion. It will be a real concert that will integrally reproduce the conditions of a live event, and it will be shot using the technology elaborated by DBW communication.

From the control room positioned in the exhibition pavilion, the contents will be transmitted via satellite with the technology activated by Open-sky. For the demonstration the Atlantic Bird 3 satellite by Eutelsat will be used and the contents will be received in the nearby conference pavilion, where the last supply chain ring will be completed, namely the three-dimensional projection in a film theatre that can be accessed by the public and which is equipped for this exclusive event.

Viewers can enjoy the spectacular 3D-HD images thanks to a stereoscopic projection system. Another important novelty is that this show will be presented on the first models of 3D-HD television sets available on the market, and which are positioned next to the 3D set in the exhibition. Globecast will supply the uplink service for this event.

It is a unique occasion for witnessing the three fundamental phases of the "3D live events" in the same place: shooting, direction, playout, transmission and projection. This event will be a preview of the "Live 3D events" services that the 3D Stereoscopic Group association will offer the market.

This new enterprise combines the innovation and technological avantgarde of the satellite infrastructure of Eutelsat (the major European operator), with the expertise of a company that is highly specialised in the transmission of digital contents via satellite like Open-sky, and the specific shooting and three-dimensional post production abilities put on the field by DBW Communication, even for live exhibitions like sport and music.

The three-dimensional vision in live events introduces a new way of experiencing cinema and television. As well as the efficiency of live events, which offer the same sensations you would get from the stalls and the originality of live transmission, 3D-HD stereo can enrich the entertainment offer in film theatres, transforming them into new media centres that give real time news and performances to an ever-more demanding public.

Source: SAT Expo