Neyrinck Does Dolby

Neyrinck has introduced SoundCode For Dolby E, a stand-alone software package and Pro Tools plug-in set for managing Dolby metadata and Dolby E encoding/decoding. SoundCode For Dolby E is designed for post production studios, TV mixers, broadcast and content distribution organisations that need to deliver and monitor Dolby E content on videotape or as files.

The software includes two modules, the Broadcast Encoder and the Broadcast Monitor. At the heart of the Broadcast Encoder is the ability to encode a Dolby E stream file, or combine audio and Dolby metadata into a MBWF file for use by other systems. The Broadcast Monitor enables decoding of Dolby E streams, playback of Dolby E and MBWF files, and displaying Dolby E metadata from files or Dolby E streams. These functions are fully certified, professional implementations of Dolby E.

Neyrinck SoundCode For Dolby E

"When I started to work on SoundCode For Dolby E," commented Paul Neyrinck, "I wanted to make it a lot simpler for audio professionals to deliver Dolby E streams and metadata now and in the future. Broadcast delivery requirements are evolving from videotape to files so professionals need a Dolby E encoding and decoding system that works for both. Many users have embraced our SoundCode for Dolby Digital and DTS products for mastering-quality audio delivery, so I knew that Dolby E could be integrated directly into Pro Tools, where so much broadcast audio originates from. But today's editors need flexibility so we added a standalone application to enable batch processing and integration with almost any other audio/video editing system. By giving the editor the ability to handle metadata, encoding, and decoding in their workstation, I believe the result is a simpler, consistent, and reliable Dolby E workflow which greatly enhances the listening experience."

Also available from Neyrinck is SoundCode for Broadcast, available for OS X and Windows platforms, which includes all the Metadata and MBWF features of SoundCode for Dolby E but without the Dolby E Encode and Decode functions. SoundCode for Broadcast is also perfect for sending files from Pro Tools to the Dolby Dolby DP600.

Source: TVB Europe