More Sky 3D Content as DTG Launches Study Group

BSkyB is to expand the breadth of content it has available for its experiments in 3D television.
“We’ve been investigating it for the past year or so and the aim is not to deliver it to the big screen, but to customers in their homes, we wanted to align it to high quality content to make it a cost effective viewing experience.” said Chris Johns, chief engineer broadcast strategy, BSkyB. “We want to have a diversity of content, you can’t just have a single showreel and show the same things time and time again.”

In addition to existing boxing, football and rugby footage captured over the last 12 months and demonstrated to delegates outside the Princess Anne Theatre, Sky intends to build its library through new commissions in the arts and general entertainment.

“Sky has a lot of its own channels that we can commission for internally, so we can ascertain what programme genres actually benefit, before trialling them over the next few months and years.”

Hollywood is committed to 60 3D movies over the next 18 months that Johns described as an instant stream of what could be put on air. Sky will be using existing Sky+ HD boxes, without modifications, though a new TV display would be required.

Announcing the Digital TV Group’s 3D consultation, director-general Richard Lindsay-Davies said it would help develop and define the role of the group in developing an “exciting and vibrant” technology for the consumer.

By Julian Clover, Broadband TV News