Memphis Based Company Proves the World is not Flat

It seems the marketing world can’t get enough depth as American Paper Optics rattles off another 16,000,000 3D glasses for five Time, Inc. publications all on newsstands this week. This mega-order, manufactured by the Bartlett, Tennessee based company, came on the heels of the 130,000,000 piece order American Paper Optics produced for the Super Bowl commercials. These glasses are being distributed in People, Time, Fortune, Entertainment Weekly, and Sports Illustrated to enhance and bring to life both editorial photos as well as full page 3D ads for heavy hitters including McDonalds, DreamWorks Animation, Intel, and Hewlett Packard.

American Paper Optics, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of 3D glasses, has now delivered over 200,000,000 units in the 1st quarter of 2009. John Jerit, president and founder of American Paper Optics, has been touting the low cost-big impact of 3D promotions for over 19 years and has manufactured 3D glasses for DVD, movies, magazines, theme park rides, as well as for more unusual applications such as 3D tennis shoes, Easter eggs, puzzles, and cereal boxes.

Jerit says, “We are gearing up for the interest in 3D for DVD and publishing spawned by Hollywood’s continued strong push for bringing the 3D experience to the big screen.” American Paper Optics, currently under expansion and doubling their facility size, was able to manufacture the 16,000,000 ColorCode 3D inserts for Time, Inc., in less than 60 days delivering a depth defying knockout punch.

Source: Earth Times