Marquis' Medway Delivers Avid to FCP Sequence Transfers

Marquis Broadcast is announcing a major new feature for Medway, the company’s media transfer and format conversion software, that will bring a higher degree of flexibility and collaboration to file-based workflows for customers using a mix of Avid and Final Cut Pro editing systems.

Marquis will demonstrate how Medway will allow edited sequences to be moved quickly and efficiently between Avid MediaComposers and Apple Final Cut Pro editing systems. This is the first time editors will be able to move an entire sequence timeline from one editing system to another in a single drag and drop operation. Medway translates the EDL structure, but more critically, also moves all the required media from one system to the other, carrying out file conversions during the move so that the edit can be continued once the media arrives at its new destination. This powerful new feature will enable facilities to adopt a more flexible approach to the way in which they utilise their resources by giving them the freedom to move edit jobs easily between editing systems as they wish.

Medway provides interoperability functions for media companies that require fast, efficient digital workflows, without incurring delays that frequently occur when media moves between systems from different manufacturers. By rewrapping files, Medway allows media to be transferred quickly and easily between processes. The system also extracts and manages the metadata attached to media, therefore enabling easy repurposing of content.

Medway’s ergonomic user interface and simple drag and drop control make it easy to use by all operators. Designed specifically to meet the demands of the most challenging broadcasting and television production environments, Medway is also suitable for newsrooms, ingest, encoding, transcoding, asset management, editing, broadcast automation and finishing systems and playout servers.

Source: BroadcastBuyer