Infitec Dualcolor 3D

INFITEC, technology provider and, amongst others, a licenser of 3D cinema technology, developed a new 3D filter technology especially for 3-chip DLP projection systems. Distribution and sales for this new technology which is offered under the brand INFITEC Dualcolor 3D, is carried out by the correspondent INFITEC Dualcolor 3D GmbH, a company based near Bayreuth / Germany. With this new filter technology, having a high luminous efficiency, it is possible to get a very homogeneous and bright stereo image.

Like in other existing INFITEC based technologies, the new principle works on every white wall or any other kind of screen material for front and rear projection. Special silver screens are not needed. Even special applications like stereo 3D projection on house walls or floor projection is now possible. The method is based on specific interference filters which have been modified such that it is possible to get a cost-effective price of glasses for large venue applications.

INFITEC Dualcolor 3D glasses are passive and need no power supply and no signal to assure synchronous operation with the stereo projector system. By use of genuine glass in the lenses of INFITEC Dualcolor 3D glasses the quality of the stereo image is superior and abrasion is much less than with 3D glasses of other stereo projection methods which use normal 3D glasses containing plastic foils.

Source: Stereoscopy