Spatial View Focuses towards Leadership in the 3D Mobile World

Spatial View announced the demonstration of its 3D auto-stereoscopic mobile technology, enabling a glasses-free 3D visual experience. Based on the industry-proven OMAP platform from Texas Instruments, the new technology will be shown on 16-17 February 2009 at TI’s Mobile World Congress booth.

Spatial View’s technology helps bring the 3D mobile experience to consumers’ fingertips anytime, anywhere. Spatial View 3D prototype will enable TI’s OMAP34x processor-based development platform to display vivid glasses-free 3D images and videos. TI’s industry-proven OMAP technology allows for powerful support of 3D video and content playback. Its multi-engine architecture is designed to handle a variety of application tasks in parallel, so a user can enjoy several features and services concurrently. The high-performance, low-power consumption OMAP processors permit manufacturers to bring to market new, multimedia-rich handheld devices. SpatialView’s demonstration on the OMAP platform provides a glimpse into the future, highlight potential capabilities of next generation wireless devices.

Source: Spatial View