PC 3D Viewer Kit with LCD Monitor

Olympus Visual Communications is pleased to announce the launch of the PC 3D Viewer Kit for content creators. The kit will be bundled with a monitor recommended by Olympus Visual Communications. Previously 3D stereoscopic playback required a specially configured 3D monitor. The new PC 3D Kit will allow users to view 3D content simply by attaching the kit to a standard LCD monitor.

Olympus Visual Communications PC 3D Viewer Kit

Until now content creators have had no way to check the 3D stereoscopic effect of their work on a PC monitor. By using this kit, they will be able to view the 3D content of work in progress immediately using CG software. This ability to check 3D stereoscopic effects and correct parallax errors directly will bring major improvements in content production efficiency.

The shutter glasses timing optimization technology developed exclusively by Olympus Visual Communications (patent pending) ensures stable 3D images on a standard LCD monitor using frame sequential stereoscopic method. The ability to use a standard monitor reduces costs compared with systems that require the purchase of special 3D monitors. Moreover, the use of shutter technology allows 3D images to be viewed at full resolution. With the frame sequential stereoscopic method, 3D viewing is achieved by alternately showing different images to the left and right eyes by using a shutter glasses. Shutter glasses have a pair of LC shutters that open and close 30-60 times per second. The timing of glasses is synchronized with the video signal to the display monitor.

With a refresh rate over 75Hz and a GTG response time of 2ms, the BenQ E2400HD LCD monitor is the ideal combination for minimizing flicker and ghost-images. With shutter-type 3D stereoscopic systems, flicker is least noticeable on monitors with high refresh rate. Ghost-images can be reduced by using monitors with fast response times. The BenQ E2400HD monitor bundled with the kit is recommended by Olympus Visual Communications as the best monitor currently on the market for displaying 3D content.

Source: Olympus Visual Communications