JVC LCD Panel Converts 2D Material to 3D

HPA featured a number of demos from leading manufacturers and JVC demonstrated a 3D LCD monitor that can convert 2D images to 3D, solving one of the big problems facing a potential industry transition to 3D: filling the programming gap.

“There is a huge lack of 3D content but with 2D to 3D conversion we can give a very pleasing 3D effect,” says Dave Walton, JVC assistant vice president.

Dave Walton with JVC's latest LCD panel that converts 2D to 3D

Walton says the set works via sophisticated algorithms that look at the content and figure out whether the image should be shown with depth. “For example, it figures out where the sky should be and puts objects in focus in the foreground and things less in focus to the rear.”

There is no price yet for the set but it is designed to be a consumer-grade LCD set. The model number is LT-46SP89 and it is 1920×1080p capable and 46 inches wide. There is also a 32 inch version available.

Source: Sports Video Group