Hitachi Unveils Cellphone with 3D Display

Hitachi is joining KDDI's spring phone launches with the WOOO Ketai H001. The swiveling clamshell has the same 854x480 resolution as most other phones in the lineup but adds a unique toggle that lets owners switch to a 3D parallax view. The effect not only pops in automatically for 1Seg digital TV and other video that includes 3D but can convert existing 2D images and photos to 3D, customize the perceived depth, and works either in portrait or the phone's notebook-like landscape mode.

Hitachi WOOO Ketai H001

Beyond the display and its complimentary TV tuner, the H001 carries a 5-megapixel camera and uses regular microSD cards to record as much as 10 hours and 40 minutes of digital TV, turning the phone into an impromptu DVR. It also supports true world roaming and will work in the US as well as most other countries. KDDI starts selling the phone in April.

Source: Electronista