Hispasat Joins Telefonica's 3D TV Development Project

Spanish satellite operator Hispasat has joined the 3DLive project, aiming to analyze and define new 3D TV broadcast services via satellite. The project studies new technologies for compression and transmission of 3D images, using different types of networks, including satellite and IPTV. The 3D Live project is co-financed by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, under the Plan Avanza R&D.

Coordinated by Telefonica R&D, the project also includes companies and institutions such as Telefonica Audiovisual Services (TSA), ITP Audiovisual Productions, Kinepolis Spain, the University of Zaragoza and now Hispasat. As part of the project, Hispasat will focus on new lines of research, covering services such as 3D digital cinema and 3D TV reception in households.

Source: Technology Marketing Corporation