Battle Rage Full 3D Wii Title Coming

Data Design Interactive - a successful video games publisher and games developer – today unveiled a land mark event, the first ‘REAL 3D’ console game, by using stereoscopic glasses on the Nintendo Wii. The first title to be released in 3D will be forthcoming game Battle Rage: The Robot Wars. So, get out your 3D glasses and visualize the future, watch the trailer which showcases the companies venture into 3D gaming.

The media has been salivating about how the future of entertaiment will be in 3D, and with 14 planned 3D film releases, this year 2009 is the year of 3D. DDI will lead the games industry with 3D support planned in all its future titles. While some companies are looking at expensive 3D technology requiring specialised and expensive TV’s and headsets. Data Design Interactive has continued with its accessable family friendly pricing, and found solutions through proven technology and software rather than hardware.

Stewart Green CEO of Data Design said ”This is an exciting development which will really enhanse the players experience. You can now feel you are inside the gameworld, by seeing real depth, objects float in front of you or appear to jump out of the screen. Players are now part of the game world, rather than sat outside watching the screen. Implementing this code has been a natural progression for our internal development system ‘GODS’, which has already proven to be the fastest and most reliable development system on Wii. We are now enhancing the technical ability of our GODS engine and stereoscopic 3D is just one of many new innovative enhancements we will be making to improve the players enjoyment.”

Source: Gamers Daily News