An Automated MATLAB Rendering Framework for Stereoscopic Artefacts

This rendering framework, distributed under the GNU GPL v2 license, is a software tool for comfortable generation of scalable impaired stereoscopic video content as a basis for subjective quality evaluation tests.

This hierarchically structured framework is MATLAB-based (MATLAB, R2008a) and can be initialized via independent external graphical user interfaces. We provide a Microsoft EXCEL interface as well as a MATLAB interface to make interdisciplinary collaboration easier and more productive. Our modular software concept allows batch processing, automated documentation and a high degree of updatability since own algorithms can be added or replaced. The framework can handle state of the art video codec's, is able to deal with numerous digital image and video file formats in Multiview or Source and Depth Technology.

The rendering framework has connections to a stereoscopic content database and an artefact function database. There are 31 scalable artefact functions available at the moment, hitting all stages of the content delivery scenario that has been defined in the Mobile3DTV project. 14 in the capturing stage, 9 in the coding stage, 2 in the representation stage, 1 in the transmission stage and 5 in the visualization stage.

The artefacts have been identified and classified in the Technical report Classification of stereoscopic artefacts. Detailed information about the framework, its structure and implementation can be found in the Technical report "Software for Simulation of artefacts and database of impaired videos".

Download v1.3a

Source: Mobile3DTV