Next3D Offers the First In-Home 3D Distribution Services

3D isn't just for the movie theaters anymore; very soon viewers will be able to enjoy a true 3D experience right in their own home. Next3D has developed a ground-breaking technology that allows consumers to receive theatrical 3D films, 3D IMAX films, movie trailers, real-time stereo camera webcasts and other 3D content directly to their XBOX 360 or PC.

"We believe that gaming is likely to drive stereoscopic technology into the home," says David Cole, CEO of Next 3D, "and we'll be there to complete the media experience."

Next3D Player for XBOX 360

In an effort to prepare for the expected demand, Hollywood is now releasing big-budget 3D movies at the rate of one per month and professional sporting events are being broadcast in 3D. Low-cost 3D cameras and even 3D web-cams are becoming available. This week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, many top television manufacturers around the world including Sony, LG, and Panasonic will be announcing 3D ready TV's, and both Samsung and Mitsubishi have already shipped an estimated 2 million 3D ready plasmas and DLP-based TV's.

Next3D content is encoded with a tool that allows it to be viewed in full stereoscopic 3D 1080P high-definition. Like YouTube, Next3D will offer user-created content channels for stereo enthusiasts to post and share 3D video and still images. Premium, pay-to-view content channels will also be available by mid-year. Initial Next3D content providers include rights holders to 3D IMAX films, theatrical 3D films, and movie trailers. The Next3D Movie Player will be free to consumers on every platform. "Remember how iTunes revolutionized getting the music you want?" adds D.J. Roller, Co-founder of Next3D, "That's how easy we're making 3D."

Our technology starts on the production side. We have camera technology, workflow software, and tools for professional stereoscopic 3D film and video producers.

Content for online distribution via Next3D is encoded with a tool that follows the H.264 proposed specification for efficient compression of multi-view-based content. We didn’t invent the spec, we’ve simply decided that the 3D format wars are over and H.264 won.

Our player decodes content using a fast and efficient mechanism that relies on the graphics processing unit in game consoles and modern computers to do the heavy lifting.

The Next3D server architecture provides efficient Internet distribution of stereoscopic content, including near real-time streaming of events and web-feeds. Our server handles end-user DRM as well as royalty and auditing services for partners.

The Next3D Player will be available for XBOX 360s and PCs this spring.

Source: PR Newswire