LG's Woo Paik on 3DTV

They call it the Death March. It's a series of back-to-back press conferences the day before the Consumer Electronics Show opens in Las Vegas. The top consumer companies talk about their performance in the last year and roll out what they hope will be their hot products for the year to come. One of the stars of the Death March this year was Woo Paik, the chief technology officer of LG Electronics and one of the leading figures behind the definition of digital high definition TV.

Paik announced plans for a stereo 3-D chip set LG will build into its plasma, LCD and DLP televisions as well as plans to use 60 GHz wireless technology in one of his TVs. Amid the clamor after the event, EE Times Editor in Chief Junko Yoshida sat down with Paik to discuss the 3-D chip and wireless plans.
A part of that interview appears here:

The LG executive made a hit with paparazzi at CES when he showed he was wearing a new 3G wristwatch cellphone that LG will release later this year. Paik would not comment on the electronics inside the relatively sleek design, but he did say it supports WCDMA, HSDPA and video.

By Rick Merritt, EE Times