Any Movie Can Now Be 3D Says Mitsubishi

Any movie can now be a 3D movie. That's the promise of Mitsubishi America, as it took the wraps off an astonishing new 3D TV system at the 2009 CES. The company has partnered with graphics experts Nvidia to offer US consumers a 3D experience that requires no more than a transmitter and single pair of shutter 3D glasses. The bolt-on package to Mitsubishi's TV range will retail for just $199 when launched later in 2009.

David Naranjo, director of product development at Mitsubishi told HCC: "We have been selling 3D-ready Home Theater TVs in the US for the past few years. Now with Nvidia we can offer a 3D experience that's perfect for gaming and movies." At the show, the company showed a standard Mitsubishi display producing a 3D effect from an off-the-shelf copy of Devil May Cry 4, running on a PC. "The game is a standard shop-supplied copy" said Naranjo. "The consumer can choose any game he wants basically. The process is source irrelevant. It works just as well with movies on DVD and Blu-ray."

Nvidia has also partnered with Viewsonic, but only Mitsubishi has been licensed to produce living room sized 3D-ready TV displays. "Our entire product line of Home Theater TVs now feature 3D-ready technology," said Naranjo. HCC play-tested the 3D game on a 60in display and found the Nvidia processing offered a unique sense of depth to the image. The 3D effect wasn't about objects breaking out of the frame - as in old school movie 3D, more it was more about adding a sense of tangible depth to the 2D image. 3D looks likely to be a major theme at this year's tech expo, although it remain to be seen if consumers will share the excitement so obviously felt by the major AV vendors.

Source: Home Cinema Choice