Venera Technologies Launches Pulsar - Content Verification System

Venera Technologies, a digital media solutions company, announced the release of Pulsar – Content Verification System, an automated content verification system for stored media files. With the new content verification system, Venera allows broadcasters, service providers, content creators and optical media replications to analyze the content before it is put live or stamped on the optical media.

Capable of performing conformance and quality analysis on the streams provided, Pulsar allows definition of a range of user-defined checks to be performed as part of the analysis. An important attribute of Pulsar is its Web browser based interface that can be invoked remotely using a standard browser. The software is compliant with any operating system. Using the Web browser based interface, Pulsar users can post jobs, monitor jobs and specify analysis properties. Multiple Pulsar users can have different access levels for managing the system.

Another important capability of Pulsar is its scalability. Depending on the growing analysis requirements, users can add verification units without disturbing the existing system. The solution, therefore, finds applications among small, medium or large organizations.

Pulsar can be easily integrated into the existing high-density/standard density (HD/SD) workflows. Additionally, it exposes well-defined Web services based XML Application Programming Interface (API) that allows easy integration with the media asset management systems. Because of this feature, the QA capabilities can be integrated seamlessly in a workflow without the requirement of additional interface or training to operators, the company said.

To increase the value proposition for the users, Pulsar performs analysis of four simultaneous streams on one system and delivers maximum performance from the host system. For each analysis, Pulsar produces XML based reports that are customizable. Users can define their own style-sheets to suit their workflows.

Venera has got strong experience in digital multimedia compression and streaming technologies. Apart from offering a unique combination of digital video solutions and video T&M products, Venera also designs and develops custom digital media solutions such as video collaboration, virtual classroom, workflow automation and Web casting.

According to Venera, Pulsar currently supports analysis of H.264, MPEG-2 and VC-1 carried in MPEG-2 Transport Stream and MXF.

By Rajani Baburajan, TMCnet