Turner Sports and Cinedigm to Broadcast Live via Satellite Using SENSIO 3D

SENSIO Technologies Inc., creator of the SENSIO 3D technology announced that in February, 2009, the first ever live 3D sporting event will be broadcast to theatres across the United States on up to 160 screens. The Turner Sports’ event will be presented to a paying audience in 35 states by Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp (formerly AccessIT) using their CineLive product.

This first event marks a key milestone in SENSIO’s business plan. Over the past year, the Company has focused on integrating its live 3D technology in the theater network of its exclusive U.S. licensee, Cinedigm. Now that the distribution infrastructure is ready, the broadcast of multiple live 3D sporting events and concerts in digitally equipped movie theaters can begin, to the greatest delight of movie buffs.

“Although several 3D broadcast tests have been performed over the past two years, this is the first commercially viable event of its kind and we are extremely proud to be a part of it. We have been able to stay one step ahead of the industry and, now that the interest in Live 3D is becoming more real, our technology is not only ready, but it also is the only one to be integrated in a theater network,” said SENSIO President and CEO, Nicholas Routhier.

Developed in conjunction with SENSIO and International Datacasting Corporation, CineLive enables the live broadcast to movie theatres of both 2D and 3D live events such as sports and concerts, and is designed to work with Cinedigm’s satellite network and digital cinema systems equipped with 3D technology. IDC’s SuperFlex technology, at the heart of CineLive, provides the latest in DVB-S2 broadband IP transmission needed to achieve the maximum possible throughput on satellite, essential for timely and secure delivery of movie files and also for the highest quality HD delivery for live performances.

The SENSIO 3D technology is a leading edge solution for the encoding and decoding of stereoscopic video streams in a unique way that uses half the transmission bandwidth compared to other technologies without sacrificing image resolution. The technology is also inherently stable, eliminating legacy problems associated with eye strain and visual disorientation.

“The 3D broadcast of the Turner Sports’ event will allow sports fans to undergo a thoroughly immersive experience. They will have the impression of being right there, at the match, sitting in the front rows. Moviegoers will appreciate the difference and we expect that this event will be among the first of a long series,” said Cinedigm Chairman and CEO, Bud Mayo.

“Thanks to Cinedigm, the distribution infrastructure fell into place, solving the chicken and egg problem; without an infrastructure in place, no broadcasting of events – and vice versa. Given that our technology is already integrated in several sites, we intend to continue our expansion efforts in the U.S. by collaborating with our partners, Cinedigm and IDC”, explains Nicholas Routhier.

Founded in 1999, SENSIO, headquartered in Montreal, Canada, develops and markets forward-looking stereoscopic technologies designed to offer the most advanced and immersive cinematographic experience available. Its flagship technology, SENSIO 3D, allows the high-quality distribution of 3D content through conventional 2D channels and playback on any display device, including plasma TVs, HDTV and glass-free 3D displays. Working with major Hollywood studios and large format 3D film producers, SENSIO has built up one of the world's largest libraries of 3D movies for the home entertainment market.

About Cinedigm
Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. is the global leader in fulfilling the promise of digital cinema. Its ground-breaking technology platform helps exhibitors, distributors, studios and content providers transform the consumer movie experience -- by expanding theatrical features to include not only movies but also live 2-D and 3-D performances such as sporting events, concerts and gaming. The Company also enables theatres to create exhibitions and advertising opportunities targeted to specific audience groups and locations thereby offering new revenue opportunities for these venues. Cinedigm's leading digital cinema platform and one-of-a-kind satellite delivery operations support more than 3,700 theatre screens across the United States with over nine million digital showings of Hollywood features to date.