TMM, Inc. Announces TRUDEF Compresses 4K Video

TMM, Inc. announced that it has successfully upgraded its TRUDEF High Definition Video code and that it is capable of compressing 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,048 pixel) video, which captures 4 times the detail as today's HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) video. The current build of the TRUDEF Encoder includes 64 bit file extensions supporting long video input segments, multi threading for Intel Dual and Quad Core architecture, distributed processing over networked servers, 2K and 4K video resolution encoding.

Development work in progress includes new raw video input options, increased color depth, improved intra frame quality, and enhanced fractal compression algorithms. The Company will initially target the film digitizing industry offering TRUDEF as virtually lossless method of archiving 4K digitally scanned film and is planning on demonstrating the product early next year.

TRUDEF is the successor of TMMI's SoftVideo high definition fractal compression products developed in the 1990's and is under active development to meet the demands of the growing 4K video market. Fractal compression relies on the fact that in most images similar geometric forms and patterns are repeated. A fractal algorithm mathematically encodes these features into data called "fractal codes" eliminating the relationship to any specific resolution, the image data has become resolution independent.

Fractal compression differs from pixel-based compression schemes such as JPEG, GIF and MPEG since no actual pixels are saved. When images are viewed fractal code containing the geometric features of the original are remapped back into pixels according to the viewer's resolution, similar features are reused during this decoding process. The encoding process is computationally intensive, however, decoding is done in near real-time. During the 1990's the slow 16 bit and 32 bit hardware of that era limited the practical use of fractal compression. With today's 64 bit hardware being significantly more powerful this technology is now viable for commercialization.

Resolution independence is an important inherent aspect of fractal compression since it permits the up or down scaling of video by way of geometric transformations of the encoded data without the introduction of image artifacts or a loss in detail that occurs in bitmap images. Upscaling is valuable for transforming archived content originally shot in lower resolution formats to modern HD formats while maintaining as much of the original detail as possible. TRUDEF will allow HDTV broadcasters to upscale 1080p content to 2160p without any increase in bandwidth.