Darkworks, Trioviz Partner for 3D Game Technology

Paris-based developer Darkworks announced an exclusive partnership with Trioviz to use its 3D technology to create PC and console games that make "fully 3D interactive experiences" possible on ordinary televisions using a pair of Trioviz glasses and no other special equipment.

Trioviz says that its technology differs from traditional red-and-blue 3D glasses, as it is designed to offer natural colors and sharp images without any "ghosting." The company also claims that users will not suffer from discomfort, fatigue, eye strain, or headaches with its glasses.

Trioviz technology can be applied to movie or video that has been produced in stereoscopic 3D or by using depth information contained in the images. With video games, specific information is polled from game data and used to produce the 3D result in real-time. Artistic directors and designers can adjust a range of parameters for the desired visual result.

As part of the partnership, Darkworks is working on a Software Development Kit that gives other studios access to the technology. The technology will eventually be ported to consoles and be available for major game engines.

Founded in 1998 and employing 110 developers, Darkworks's previously released projects include Alone in The Dark: The New Nightmare and Cold Fear. It is currently working on I Am Alive, an action and survival game for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, scheduled for a spring 2009 release and to be published by Ubisoft.

“This technology allows us to provide an incredible 3D gaming experience on existing CRT, Plasma and LCD TVs," says Darkworks product development manager Alexis Arragon. "We’re excited about the possibilities and opportunities that this will open up for us as game developers for consumers to enjoy. Full 3D gaming is the next revolution in video games. Consumers will be amazed at the depth of experience that we can provide with this technology."

Source: Gamasutra