Altera and DDD Take 2D Digital Images to 3D

Altera Corporation and DDD Group announced a partnership that is bringing 3D digital cinema-quality images to your living room. DDD has qualified its TriDef Core embedded 3D image processor to run on Altera's Arria GX FPGA. As a result, DDD is delivering a custom circuit board that integrates with the existing 2D video electronics to deliver enhanced 3D features including automatic 2D-to-3D conversion. This allows the playback of original 3D content from a wide range of sources including Blu-ray discs and DVDs.

The capability opens a direct in-home distribution channel for the latest generation of 3D movies in production for the growing 3D digital cinema market. This technology will be displayed on the Hyundai IT 46" 3D LCD HDTV at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the Las Vegas Convention Center in January.

"Embedding DDD's market-leading TriDef solution in the latest 3D televisions is the next step in delivering high-quality, easy-to-use 3D home entertainment for the consumer," said Chris Yewdall, chief executive of DDD. "The performance, functionality and low power consumption of Altera's Arria GX FPGAs make it possible for our TriDef processor to turn 3D television into a familiar plug-and-play approach that is equivalent to the existing 2D TV experience, while substantially reducing manufacturing and support costs for 3D TV manufacturers."

"3D television is creating immense consumer interest in next-generation flat-panel televisions," said Robert Blake, vice president of automotive and consumer business unit at Altera. "Arria GX functionality allows real-time 2D-to-3D conversion and 3D reformatting with DDD's TriDef Core processor. This is one of many examples of how Altera's FPGAs deliver innovative solutions for advanced high-definition applications in the consumer video arena."

Source: Altera