3D Images on the iPhone by Spatial View

At the 3D Entertainment Summit last week, James Stewart, producer/director at Geneva Film Co. claimed he had “the world’s first 3D iPhone.” What he really had was an advanced copy of 3Dee!oadr by Spatial View. 3Dee!oadr gives you the option to select side-by-side images from Flickr and convert them on the fly to an anaglyph you can view with 3D glasses. It also lets you to search, view, and manage your Flickr account from your iPhone. You can even save Flickr images to your iPhone for later viewing.

Spatial View Wazabee 3Dee!oadr

The app launched a few days ago and I’m not sure if you can say “the world’s first 3D iPhone” because it’s very misleading. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but for some reason I think you would have to have the ability to create 3D without using special glasses in order to make such a claim.

In any case, 3Dee!oadr is available on the app store right now for $1.99.

Source: QuicklyBored