LG Plotting 3D TVs for 2009

3D TV is still something of a pipe dream for us mere mortals. But the realm of donning the silly specs in your front room appears to be moving closer, with an LG Korean exec telling me today that the company was planning to release a 3D TV in late 2009.

Talking today at their Digital TV development lab, Kim Jaeryong said, "Maybe we'll try launching one or two 3D TVs into the market in 2009. By late 2010, I think you'll see a lot, with 2011 being a big year for 3D TV."

It all sounds pretty neat and futuristic, but chances are it won't be the dawn of watching 50s horror movies, 3D–style, in your front room. 3D TVs remain costly and a niche product.

However, with Sony already promising to beef up classic Disney titles into 3D, we could yet be watching animated creatures making a lunge for our faces come the end of the decade.

Source: Stuff.tv