GDC Technology Unveils New Digital Cinema Servers

GDC Technology launches two new models SA-2100A and SA-2100T Digital Cinema Server, its fourth generation digital cinema playback servers designed to fully comply with DCI specifications and FIPS-140 security requirements. SA-2100A and SA-2100T are advanced versions of the highly successful model SA-2100, retaining all its features which include: 2K/4K DCI MXF JPEG2000 playback, DCI MXF JPEG2000 3D playback, MPEG2 MXF Interop playback, CineLink II link encryption, CineCanvas image and subtitling management, FIPS-140 security features, DCI approved forensic watermarking, HDTV live streaming/store-and-forward capabilities, highly stable Linux-based operating system, touch screen user interface and ingest of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) via physical media, network and satellite.

SA-2100A and SA-2100T offer increased storage capacity and flexibility, and come with a number of new features:
- Redundant hot swappable 2TB content storage.
- Built-in support for a pluggable Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Sled that allows for high-speed ingest of DCPs [not available for SA-2100T].
- Integrated DVD-ROM drive for ingest of DCPs from DVDs [not available for SA-2100T].
- Dual redundant hot swappable power supplies to safeguard against power supply failure.
- 16-pin General Purpose Input/output Port (GPIO) for theater automation.
- CD-ROM with software for accessing the Screen Management System(SMS) from a Windows PC.
- Optional Quad Link (SA-2100AQ) for highest quality 3D playback with dual stream 12-bit 4:4:4 output images to two projectors simultaneously and independent playback of two separate 2D content streams to two projectors simultaneously (from Q1 2009).

The SA-2100A comes with more ingest options than the SA-2100T, which makes it more suited for multiplexes without central storage management. Being the second largest provider of digital cinema servers worldwide and the largest player in Asia with two-thirds of the market share, GDC Technology expects to exceed customers’ expectations with the introduction of the new SA-2100A and SA-2100T servers.

Source: DCinemaToday