France's MK2 Makes 3-D Push

France's MK2 is taking its films to another dimension, with the Gallic distributor-exhibitor set to equip its theaters with 3-D technology as of Oct. 29, MK2 said Wednesday. MK2 will screen a 3-D version of Ben Stassen's animated film Fly Me to the Moon in seven theaters across Paris at Cinemeccanica- and ADDE-equipped theaters utilizing Barco and NEC projectors and Nuvision's 3-D system.

After Moon, the distributor will roll out more 3-D titles in 2009, including Disney's Volt 3D, Up 3D and Toy Story 3D, Paramount's Monsters vs. Aliens, Universal's Coraline, James Cameron's Avatar and Fox's Ice Age 3.

By Rebecca Leffler, The Hollywood Reporter