Doremi Cinema Introduces the New DCP-2K4 Digital Cinema Server

Doremi Cinema, a leader in digital cinema technology, today announced the launch of its latest Digital Cinema Server, the DCP-2K4. Building on Doremi's DCP-2000 platform, which was the first JPEG2000 payback server on the market, the DCP-2K4 provides the same robust feature sets and performance of the DCP-2000 with added ingest inputs, which gives exhibitors flexibility on the receipt and ingest of content for digital playback.

In addition to ingest via USB and Ethernet, the DCP-2K4 contains a DVD player for small package ingest and a pluggable CPU for file ingest at SATA 2 speeds. Features, trailers, policy reels and other content from national and local advertisers are quickly and easily ingested and scheduled for playback.

DCP-2K4 includes CineLister software for easy movie clip and play list administration and features Cinelink II and forensic watermarking. The DCP-2K4 features 1 TeraByte of RAID5 storage in a 4RU chassis with redundant power supplies.

Source: DCinemaToday