3D Boost for Mistika

SGO’s new Mistika version 4, including 3D stereoscopic capability, was introduced at IBC last month. 3D stereoscopic footage courtesy of Concrete, Axis Films and Can Communicate was used to demonstrate Mistika’s toolset. Mistika is a high-end system for timeline-based editing, conforming, compositing, image restoration, multi-mastering and colour grading. Mistika combines infinite layer compositing with feature film quality colour grading using a timeline structure. Other manufacturers segment these abilities into separate products but SGO combines those capabilities and functions together.

The system can work natively in a SAN infrastructure while sharing standard format files, without any import/export process required for coping with other open systems. Mistika provides realtime conversions between 4K, 2K, HD, SD. It literally has no resolution limits.

While competitors are just arriving at the 4K landmark, for SGO 4K is already history. The new Mistika 64-bit-system (running on Linux of course) provides realistic production times even for 8K projects. All the standard output formats like PAL/NTSC SDI, HD-SDI RGB 4:4:4, 2K DVI output, 4K HDSL and even 3D stereo dual HD-SDI can be supported.

By Fergal Ringrose, TVB Europe