ZDF Converts to AVC-Intra

ZDF has become the first European broadcaster to formally commit to using Panasonic's AVC-Intra codec for production and archive, writes David Fox.

ZDF has already been working in an IT-based production environment for a couple of years. Two other well known European broadcasters will adopt the same course soon, according to Volker Kersbaum, European product manager, Panasonic PBITS Professional & Broadcast Systems.

AVC-Intra has also received support from many manufacturers, with Autodesk the latest. It announced AVC-Intra support at IBC for its Inferno, Flame, Flint, and Smoke product lines.

Panasonic's tapeless P2 format has now been adopted by 121 broadcasters in 22 European Union countries, with RAI the most recent adopter for its news operation. "P2 has been very successful," said Jaume Rey, director, Professional & Broadcast IT Systems. Since its introduction four years ago, more than 100,000 P2 units have been delivered to 900 broadcasters. "In Europe, among key broadcasters who decided to go tapeless, 85% chose P2." On the back of this success, Panasonic Broadcast's turnover has risen by 185% over the last three years.

Panasonic is adding to its P2 range with two new HD Varicam cameras: the AJ-HPX2700 and AJ-HPX3700. Both record onto P2 solid-state cards with a choice of three codecs including AVC-Intra, shooting at 1080i 50/60, 1080p 24/25, 720p 50/60 with HD multi-format recording (up to 320 minutes), and variable frame rates from 1fps to 60fps.

Source: IBC e-Daily