Renato Corporation Investing in Pic-See's Unique Digital Image Processing Technology

Renato Corporation will provide an initial capital investment into Pic-See's 3D Digital Stereoscopic Imaging Technology. After completing a thorough due diligence process, Renato Corporation is confident the investment into this dynamic patented technology will bring solid economic return on this investment.

Pic-See has developed a unique patented digital image processing technology that converts two dimensional (2D) images into true three dimensional (3D) stereoscopic images. Pic-See's system, LOLA (Lenticular Online Assembly), enables high quality stereo still or streaming 3D images that can be rendered using conventional printing and display mediums.

Pic-See currently processes images for Ophthalmology clinics and doctors around the United States. However, Pic-See's patented system is not limited to Ophthalmology, it can process images for a variety of different x-rays such as MRIs, CT Scans and Ultrasounds. The investment plans remain on schedule and we are very excited about this opportunity. We hope to continue our business relationship with Pic-See with additional investment in the future.

Source: MarketWatch