Red Bee Media Opens Secure Media Gateway to Digital Hive

Red Bee Media has extended its Digital Hive media management platform with a secure Media Gateway to enable clients to transfer large media files over an ordinary internet connection. This will allow clients to receive or deliver either work in progress or completed programmes as files rather than on tape or fed over dedicated circuits, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced costs.

“File-based delivery has many advantages, but existing internet technologies like FTP simply do not scale to support the transmission of massive media files over standard networks,” explains Dr Sue Farrell, Head of Architecture at Red Bee Media. “The Media Gateway is designed to provide the fastest possible transfers, making it feasible to deliver even high-definition programmes as files over existing networks in a reasonable timeframe.”

The Media Gateway uses transport technology from Aspera to provide high-speed transfer of files of any size over any network connection. Unlike conventional file transfer technologies, which are inefficient when transmitting large files, the Media Gateway uses the special fasp protocol developed by Aspera to provide consistently fast transfers over existing networks.

Aspera was selected as the initial technology supplier following a review of available solutions as it offers a flexible, cost-effective approach, which is relatively easy for clients to install.

The Media Gateway opens the Digital Hive media management platform to new applications, reducing the need for dedicated network links while providing a secure and efficient means of transferring media files over existing broadband connections.

Source: BroadcastBuyer