Nippon BS, Olympus Visual Team on 3D Broadcasting

Olympus Visual Communications Corp (OVC) and Nippon BS Broadcasting Corp reached an agreement to collaborate in promoting the diffusion of 3D video broadcasts and 3D video content. OVM is engaged in developing three-dimension (3D) video-related technologies, and Nippon BS is a BS digital broadcast operator.

As the first effort of their collaboration, Nippon BS will start airing 3D video content produced using OVC's proprietary 3D video technology in its program "Refresh 3D" from Oct 4, 2008. This content stretches the ciliary muscle of eyes by making viewers trace an object that appears to be projecting out of the screen with their eyes.

The two companies will also team for commercials to be aired during the TV program. Nippon BS will market the installments of broadcast time for commercials that will use 3D video. OVC will produce 3D computer graphics to be used in the commercials. OVC will broadcast a commercial using 3D video produced in-house as the first commercial of this kind.

OVC develops technologies and products concerning 3D video playback. For example, it creates 3D video content for specific purposes using its proprietary "Olympus Power3D" video technology. Also, it develops software and optical glasses for 3D video playback on a PC. Nippon BS, on the other hand, uses 3D video in the programs it broadcasts.

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US Patent 7404639 - Apparatus for recovering eyesight utilizing stereoscopic video and method for displaying stereoscopic video

By Yukiko Kanou, Nikkei Electronics