New Avid Services Enable Third Parties to Easily Exchange Avid-Native Media

Avid Technology announced the availability of Avid Media Toolkit and Avid Interplay Web Services: a pair of developer packages that significantly increase the openness of Avid solutions to easily interface with third party applications.

Avid Media Toolkit
Avid Media Toolkit is a software development kit that will simplify the task of creating and accessing Avid-native media for third parties. For instance, developers will now have several options in addition to Avid Interplay Transfer for material ingest as a part of file-based workflows, which will greatly simplify the process of working with file-based media. Avid Media Toolkit automatically converts files to Avid native media files, making it easier for customers to access media from a variety of sources and applications. Customers will also be able easily move media from various Avid systems into other production environments such as graphics, audio or playout devices.

Key features of the new Avid Media Toolkit include:
- The ability to read and write Avid native MXF files together with associated AAF metadata.
- Improved media exchange with Interplay environments.

Formats supported in Avid Media Toolkit Version 1.0 include: IMX 30, IMX 40, IMX 50, DVCAM, DVCPro 25, DVCPro 50, DVCPro 100 and Avid DNxHD 120, 145, 185 and 220.

Avid Interplay Web Services
Avid Interplay Web services allows third party vendors to better manage assets in an Avid Interplay environment and helps to extend Interplay functionality outside the bounds of its built-in toolset. Avid has opened up the interface for third parties to seamlessly integrate Interplay features into their customized automated workflows, via XML. This functionality was previously only available using the Interplay Access application.

Additional new functionality includes:
- Folder navigation and listing
- Folder management
- Asset check-in and retrieval
- Metadata input and retrieval
- Searching
- Locator Management
- Sub-clip creation
- Headframe management

MOG Solutions, a developer of MXF technology, recently licensed Avid’s Web Services API to complete the development of its TOBOGGAN product. TOBOGGAN is designed to enable customers to ingest multiple resolutions of material, check-in metadata to the Avid Interplay system and turn third party EDLs into full-blown Avid sequences.

Avid Interplay Web services are based on SOAP 1.1 and are compatible with the most commonly used Web services frameworks such as Net 2.0 and Sun Metro for Java (JAX WS). Developers interested in obtaining a licensing agreement for Avid Web Services may do so by visiting:

Source: Avid