Nagoya University Presents Free Viewpoint TV at IBC

At Nagoya University we are developing a new type of television named FTV (Free viewpoint TV). FTV is an innovative visual media that enables us to view a 3D scene by freely changing our viewpoints. FTV has wide application areas since it is an ultimate 3DTV, a natural interface between humans and their environment, and an innovative tool to create new types of content and art.

FTV is based on the ray-space method that represents one ray in real space with one point in the ray-space. By using this method, we constructed the world's first real-time FTV system including the complete chain from capture to display. The success of FTV greatly contributed to start the standardisation activities of Multi-view Video Coding and 3D Video at MPEG. 3D Video is a special case of FTV and the first focus of FTV standardisation.

We are showing the following demonstrations:
- FTV on a PC (Interactive free view generation for real scenes by a single PC).
- FTV with free listening-point audio.
- 360-degree ray capture and display systems.

More information:
FTV (Free viewpoint TV) and Creation of Ray-Based Image Engineering by Prof. Masayuki Tanimoto

Source: IBC