Lukk Flags Up 3D Shortages

Howard Lukk, Disney's VP production technology, has stereoscopic 3D -particularly as it relates to camera rigs, monitoring tools and standards - on his mind this week at IBC, writes Carolyn Giardina.

He believes that 3D monitors and related equipment to handle viewing and switching stereoscopic on set and in editorial are the most critically needed parts of the 3D toolset. "Monitoring is a big issue," Lukk affirmed. "The choices are very limited - where are Sony and Panasonic on stereoscopic monitors?"

Lukk also expressed concerns about the manufacturing and availability at rental houses of 3D camera rigs. "The traditional method of making film in Hollywood involves going to rental houses," he explained. "We are very happy working with our current vendors and by no means will we shy away from using them, but there is a lack of the basic 3D rigs that we would like to get into the hands of filmmakers for many projects."