Image Important to Cine-tal Systems

Cine-tal Systems is displaying its line of display, image processing and colour management products. The collection includes Davio, a portable HD video and DI image processing system; and the latest versions of Cinemage monitors and eL 1000 image processors.

Additionally, Cine-tal is showcasing cineSpace colour management technology that it acquired recently from Rising Sun Research. The company will demonstrate how it has adapted cineSpace to support display profiling and LUT generation matching with its display and image processing systems.

Cinemage display systems are designed for digital cinema acquisition, post production and DI monitoring. They combine the company's Intelligent Display Server (IDS) with a calibrated, full-resolution LCD display. Cinemage provides video analysis, color pre-visualisation, video signal quality assurance, and an integrated Omnitek dual link waveform monitor and vectorscope.

Davio is a smaller, lower-cost alternative to the company's eL 1000 processor. The device is configurable for production, post production and broadcast workflows. Multiple Davios can be combined to handle complex tasks or to keep pace with growing demands.

Cine-tal Davio

The Davio software library provides tools for:
- Display calibration & emulation
- Color pipeline management
- 3D stereo processing
- Still Store
- Frame markers, graticules and cages

Davio's stereoscopic 3D features

eL 1000
The eL 1000 provides an open architecture color processing system that can calibrate output devices, process color space conversions and manipulate color for purposes of workflow calibration, color gamut mapping and color pre-visualization.

Cine-tal eL 1000

cineSpace is designed for production and post production facilities to ensure that all of their displays match and conform to a specified output medium, such as a particular film stock or video format.

Dolby 3D Color Processor
The Dolby 3D Color Processor, manufactured by Cine-tal, performs accurate left eye / right eye color balancing for color grading suites and screening rooms using the Dolby 3D Cinema Color Filter for digital projection. The Dolby 3D Color Processor provides the same color processing as Dolby's Digital Cinema Show Player used in the exhibition theater. With the Dolby 3D Color Processor production and post production professionals are guaranteed the same color accuracy when 3D material is played back from any source or server and projected with a Dolby 3D Cinema Color Filter.

Cine-tal's Dolby 3D Color Processor

By Carolyn Giardina, IBC Daily